My Thursday Evening Without Water #BAD2010

Yesterday evening I had a call from my husband listing my 3 options for a dinner meal:

1- I buy something ready made

2- He makes me a quick sandwich

3- I do not eat a thing

This was prelude to him announcing that I can not cook anything at home since there was no water (apparently something is wrong with our water tank) and we have only a couple of water bottles…

Once i came home I had to carefully ration the water we had to wash up and brush my teeth, for drinking and making sure we have enough for the next morning. Let me tell you something, it was really hard to constantly make a conscious effort whenever you needed to use water, and as it turns out in the 3 hours I spent before I went to sleep I needed it on so many occasions. Needless to say, the morning was not any better filled with disappointed gazes towards the shower.

Hopefully our water tank will get fixed today and we will move on to carelessly consuming water in the days to come.

But let us be objective, the Earth’s water resources are not limitless and political observers these days are saying that the next generation of resource wars will be over, not gold, diamonds or oil, but WATER. And here is another though for you, millions of people these days are rationing water, walking miles to get a few buckets of clean water and suffering much more than I did yesterday. Find out more on the Blog Action Day site and on Other Lebanese Blogs Writing About the Subject.

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  1. Mich’s avatar

    Excellent post Darine that brought back so many memories. Unfortunately, this situation has been going on in Lebanon for the past 35 years. It is one of the reasons I left Lebanon at the time. Although we didn’t have to walk for kilometers to get water from a well, we still lived for a good 15 years, while I was in Beirut, without water — every single day! And when water did occasionally come, there was so much to do and bottles to fill, washing, showers, cleaning… Yes, water is vital to life! :-)


  2. ginger beirut’s avatar

    It has been nearly two months that my water tanks have been empty. I’ve had them refilled and am using that as slowly as possible, and every other night a couple of hours of municipal water comes through so I fill bottles with the trickle. But I have a feeling I’ll never use as much water again, even when it’s back on tap!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Oh my God, good luck with that, i guess that is one of the exotic sides of living in Beirut! We’re getting the best training preparing for the resource war :)



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