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Kokopelli performance @ BalamandIf you are lucky enough to be in Tripoli this Thursday, you better check out this Jazz event. Being a jazz junkie myself, this is one of the few times I regret not living in Tripoli.


If you do check it out do not forget to update with your reflections!

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I do not mean to publicize here. After-all, I never tried this company out and never tried its tours. However, I am happy that finally there are tourist tours to my home city, and that maybe very soon Tripoli can get a bite of the tourists that flood Lebanon each year, because right now it is suffocating…. More campaigns like this and tours will certainly do it. And the thing I can vouch for is that even the Lebanese will enjoy the beauty of the islands and feel the calm measured life of Tripoli, so different from the capital.
Discover the beauty of Tripoli's 7 islands.

Discover the beauty of Tripoli's 7 islands.

Hiking Lebanon does not have a website, but it has a facebook group page which you can check out.
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