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****Update: Fares is the winner and will receive The Phoenicians book via Antoine Online. Thank you All for playing and better luck next time.

So far Antoine Online have their heart in the proper place. They are renewing their online shopping site and have signed multiple agreements with international retailers like Amazon to ensure you are really able to get ANY book you want.

The website is being released this week at the Salon du Livre in Beta with testers being invited to help iron everything out. So you can log on to check it here

and help out, or just relax and wait for my full review once I make my first purchase.


Tell me which book you would like to get and why and one of my lucky readers will get his dream book through Antoine Online*.

Disclaimer: Antoine Online have asked me to review their siteĀ  – True. And yet my objectivity shall not be tainted in terms of what I write.
*International Readers welcome

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