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Interesting Recruitment ad Speed In

It might not be as creative aslast week’s ad but it certainly is a nice teaser! And when looking for unique talents companies need to play naughty to be noticed :)

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Very Wicked, don’t you think?

Stumbled across this very funny Matrochka interpretation via Which is a portfolio blog of a Slovenian designer. More interesting stuff there.


Matreshka Ninja
Matreshka Ninja

Ljubljana Arts University Billboard

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Someone ought to do this to the Lebanese ‘politicians’ as well shouldn’t they? Can you imagine all the fun and political pun that will come out of it? Imagine people of opposing political views gathering for Tea? This is a great promo item for ‘black campaigning’ too! I love it!




These products are offered by German Design Company Dunkey Products and are part of their ‘Tea Party’ Series. They also have a whole range of other interesting ‘non-tea related’ cult items.

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