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****Update: Fares is the winner and will receive The Phoenicians book via Antoine Online. Thank you All for playing and better luck next time.

So far Antoine Online have their heart in the proper place. They are renewing their online shopping site and have signed multiple agreements with international retailers like Amazon to ensure you are really able to get ANY book you want.

The website is being released this week at the Salon du Livre in Beta with testers being invited to help iron everything out. So you can log on to check it here

and help out, or just relax and wait for my full review once I make my first purchase.


Tell me which book you would like to get and why and one of my lucky readers will get his dream book through Antoine Online*.

Disclaimer: Antoine Online have asked me to review their site  – True. And yet my objectivity shall not be tainted in terms of what I write.
*International Readers welcome

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The lovely guys at Cineklik have offered to giveaway three pairs of tickets to the premiere 0f Letters to Juliet .

To Enter, just leave a comment below ( don’t forget to mention your email and twitter account) and 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random tomorrow.

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UPDATE: the lucky winner is KrikorianM, stay tuned for more giveaways!

Fringe DVDs giveawaysYou know how parents who do not have enough time to spend with their families, buy out their love? Well, I really want to bribe you all for being patient in my infrequent posting. 

To get a chance to win the full season 1 of Fringe, (non-original DVDs watched once by me in a Marathon on this NYE) just leave a comment below. You can also be a conscientious reader and give me advise and tell me what you’d like to read about next :)

P.S. The DVDs will be available for Pickup in Beirut and will wait for you as long as it takes.

Winner will be chosen at random on Valentine’s Day:)

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I hate for books to sit around unused, makes me feel guilty that they are not fulfilling their ultimate purpose. I got this book as a present from one of my colleagues who is really into mind maps, and decided to get me a book of my own instead of lending me his. And since I was too lazy to exchange it at Virgin, and naively thought I would read it, it has now been proudly perched on a shelf for over two years.

Tony Buzan, is said to have groundbreaking techniques that will expand you consciousness, but his techniques did not work for me, because my mind does not work that way, simply. But,  maybe you’ll get more out of it. As I said, the book is almost completely new, besides a small crease in the corner of the front cover, which is inevitable for paperbacks.

For a chance to get this book just leave a comment on this post. There’s only one condition, the pickup of the book needs to b either in Beirut or Tripoli (well I’ll go as far as somewhere in Lebanon).

So try out your luck, if you don’t like it, you might also pass it on to a friend.

Read full book review here.

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