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My little sister was so joyous that James Blunt was coming to Lebanon, to be fair she’s happy when any artists comes to Lebanon even when she does not get to go to the concert. She went to her first ever live performance last month when Shakira was here. I asked her if she saw her from the place they were at , she said when she zoomed in with her camera into the stage she was able to catch a glimpse. Then I asked her if she knew that would happen and that she needed to stand in a crowd of screaming people for hours would she still have went, she said DEFINITELY.

Counting Down to James Blunt supporting Tamanna

So now, as you may have guessed she’s going to the James Blunt Concert on Monday and she’s really excited! She’s counting down the days and today she drew the artwork above to show her excitement and support Tamanna (I think the guy with the glasses is supposed to be James Blunt) .

As you may know, what is amazing about this concert is that it is organized to fulfill a child’s wish, and all the proceeds from the international signer’s concert are also going in support of many other wishes for children with terminal illnesses and improving their quality of life. So all of this is a fantastic international collaboration between Tamanna and James Blunt that enables everyone to help and support either through ticket sales, awareness raising, or simply wearing a white T-shirt.


You can also help by:

-Donating on the Tamanna website.

- Like and share Tamanna’s facebook page
- Follow & RT @TamannaLeb

- Raise Awareness about the NGO within your social network.



Also Check out Mohammad Hijazi’s and Marie Nakhleh’s posts about Tamanna.








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Originally the Reels Festival was planned to be hosted in Syria, but due to the recent events plans changed and now it is coming to Beirut, so they need all the support from the audience they can get, you can check the most updated program here as new things are added daily. You can also get in contact with the guys on the links below as they look forward to learn about the  Lebanese creative scene.



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byblos flower festival march 20 21

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lebanoninbooks march 20 souk al tayeb

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bowling throw

My friends Social Media Marketing may still be fresh in the Middle East, but Social Media Activism is ON!

This Wednesday you have a chance to attend the first Fun(d)raising event that aims to raise money for buying toys for underprivileged children!

All you have to to is come to Link Antellias (starting 6:30 pm and seeping through) and indulge in bowling, darts, air hockey, arcades…. and much more. But , of course, you can go an extra mile and bring your own toys, which you are willing to part with, as well as craft materials and drawing supplies.

And all the procedes will go to funding Christmas gifts for needy kids. You can RSVP through the Funraising Facebook or Twitter events pages. If you can’t make it, you can still support the cause by Sporting a funraising banner on your site or blog, or donating some new or used toys to the little ones (pick up of the toys will be arranged :) .

But what is really remarkable about Fun(d)raising is the way this initiative has started and grown in literally three weeks, proving that online social activism and collaboration are a reality! Fun(d)raisers are a group of bloggers and other social media natives that came together through social media channels and a very enthusiastic call from Mireille to make it a reality. And anyone can join in and contribute with whatever he does best!

So come and bring your friends with you! If you can’t live without your internet connection, don’t worry, same will be made available on the spot, and you can provide full media coverage! Plus Funraising will be providing complete transparency, through blogging about all the contributions and documenting the donations.

I have been practicing, our swings this weekend, so come and face your fiercest bowling adversary! Would be great to meet all of you guys there!

P.S. I apologize for my online absence, though I am still active on twitter, anything needing creative exertions and work, is proving to be impossible. New developments in my life are emotionally draining, though all well worth it!

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Beirut-Rock-Festival-november- 09

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I am developing a particular liking to the fact that not a week passes by, when there isn’t one or two twitter related events. Twiendships are formed on the basis of like-mindedness, and geographical coexistnce allows for the next step! I hope to see one day the extend twiendship goes as being a support system, but so far we’re having a great time, aren’t we?

Well this time we met over at Cafe Younes.



Then a small fraction of us went on to Pecha Kucha.


This is LaraZ taking her picture of the day! [that is how magic is born]


And let me tell you something, well you already know that, but I’m gonna say it anyhow – Maya in the comics is really Maya!  I do not know how she does her magic, she has tremendous introspection to convey every bit of her, including her mimics ( yes really the body language of Maya the cartoon is Maya’s), onto her character. It startled me a lot this time around… it really startled me and I developed a new found fascination! So she’s really a communication artist!


Well anyway, here’s Maya’s take on all of this:)


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The corwd at the closing of the Beirut International film festival


As is the case with most events in Lebanon, the Awards ceremony of the BIFF 09 started 40 minutes fashionably later than the time imprint on the tickets.  And I would have expected the ceremony, as a whole, to have been at least a bit more organized… after the first 15 minutes everybody was laughing their heads off at the lack of coordination between the presenters.

fool attendance at the venue (beirut international film festival)

the opening of the BIFF09 closing ceremony, 40 minutes late!the awards of the beirut film fesival

Amreeka wins viewer's prize at the Beirut International Film FestivalAmrika won two awards, one of which was  the Audience Vote. This movie will be launched in Lebanese Cinemas in 2 weeks, so I believe it’s a good watch.




what should i do, what should i say?But of course, we were not there for the ceremony we were there to watch Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock”, which was ”Beautiful”!

At times, while watching the movie you’d forget that it’s not a documentary, the shooting is very live! Plus I loved the colors, the styling , and the fact that all the actors have fresh new faces, all of which  makes it even more believable.

What is interesting about the movie is that though it focuses on controversies such as sex, trans-sexuality, homosexuality and drugs it neither condemns nor encourages any, perfectly in line with the hippie life philosophy of “peace”. 

As with any good meal, the movie ends making you craving for just a bit more, and that is art my dears!


Oh and have I mentioned the UNBELIEVABLE laughs?! The trailer doesn’t do it justice, BTW.


Also we were lucky enough to visit the Hasbayya Mouneh mini-exhibition , held at the Unesco palace. You can still go and visit it today!

some trinkets from the hasbayya mouneh exhibitionsome trinkets from the hasbayya mouneh exhibition

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Kokopelli performance @ BalamandIf you are lucky enough to be in Tripoli this Thursday, you better check out this Jazz event. Being a jazz junkie myself, this is one of the few times I regret not living in Tripoli.


If you do check it out do not forget to update with your reflections!

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Festival of Lebanese Art Books Poster

Festival of Lebanese Art Books Poster

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