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Cedars Forever is commited to the preservation and reforestation of Lebanon’s cedar reserves to make sure the cedar is not spiralled into existing solely on our flag.  Cedar Nation is their ambitious project that allows individuals  and companies to partake in the upheaval of Lebanon’s natural cedar heritage one tree at a time.

 As a preliminary step, Cedar Nation will be based in Barouk which is the major part of the Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve - the biggest, best maintained Cedar forest in Lebanon, home to 3 million Cedars, 524 species of plants as well as a considerable number of birds and mammals.

On a personal level, I was overwhelemed when I learned of this. I already got through the first approval stage, and hopefull soon enough our copmany will be adopting at least one tree in support of our ‘Go Green’ moto.  Additionally, I am very excited to visit the Shouf Natural reserve and will be planning a trip really soon.

Let us hope that others will catch up to this whether it is for patriotic or ecological reasons.

Adopt a Cedar

Adopt a Cedar


Adoption Facts
When you adopt a Cedar you receive:


  • A membership card
  • An adoption certificate
  • Regular updates on the status of your tree through newsletters and photographs
  • Invitations to Cedars Forever’s private functions and festivities

But adopting a Cedar means much more than that as well.
The knowledge that you are contributing in the reforestation of Lebanese mountains and making Lebanon a greener and healthier place is gratifying enough on its own.

Adoption includes:

  • A 10-year guarantee: If for some reason or other your Cedar does not survive, another one will be planted in its place.
  • Pure breeds: Cedars Forever respects genealogy and only plants true, home grown Lebanese Cedars.
  • Accreditation: All of Cedars Forever’s activities are accredited and approved by the competent authorities.


Get involved, visit Cedars Forever website.

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I do not mean to publicize here. After-all, I never tried this company out and never tried its tours. However, I am happy that finally there are tourist tours to my home city, and that maybe very soon Tripoli can get a bite of the tourists that flood Lebanon each year, because right now it is suffocating…. More campaigns like this and tours will certainly do it. And the thing I can vouch for is that even the Lebanese will enjoy the beauty of the islands and feel the calm measured life of Tripoli, so different from the capital.
Discover the beauty of Tripoli's 7 islands.

Discover the beauty of Tripoli's 7 islands.

Hiking Lebanon does not have a website, but it has a facebook group page which you can check out.
Please pass it on, tweet it and repost it if the post caught your interest.

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