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Dubai Metro Golden Ticket Post is surprisingly one of the most visited posts here. So in honor of that today evening I will be writing a digest post about the Metro Opening Today. So if you now any valuable sources for this ( as I do not live in Dubai) or would like to share your firsts hand experiences on this matter, PLZ do comment.



 Photos Source: Time Out Dubai

It is weird that such an important event is getting such small worldwide internet media coverage, right?



The funny thing is that RTA hasn’t posted anything about Dubai Metro on 9/9/9 ad the golden ticket winners are covered in a shroud of mystery.

Some Valuable Links to News on Dubai Metro Opening:

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A Satirical Take on Dubai Metro Opening by Dubai Jazz

‘Dubai Metro’ – photos by Katrin Greiling

Also check for detailed information and stories on Dubai metro.

And ( drumroll) first problem s with Dubai Metro via Gulf News : Dubai Metro train broke down and about 70 passengers were stranded for 2 hours.

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Twestival Dubai was lucky enough to get a Goldend, ticket for Dubai Metro launch on 9/9/9 and they are now auctioning it off. All proceeds will be donated to Dubai Autism Center.

Participate in the Golden Ticket bid, and be one of the first to experience this urban development.

On a side note, I have been finding a lot of difficulty finding quality information about 9/9/9 since RTA is as yet to release an official website and their own site is neither user friendly, nor helpful.

So if anyone finds any onfo about the golden ticket winners or when and where these will be announced, do let me know.


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Now aren’t these folks ingenius with picking their dates? Don’t they know that 999 like 666 is considered bad luck?
Anyways I think it is interesting that they have decided to run a competition in order to promote the opening date. Click on the picture at the end of the post to be part of the fun!
RTA Promotion for Dubai Metro Header

RTA Promotion for Dubai Metro Header


History is all about what happened in the past. Making history is what happens in the present. Be a part of it by participating in the biggest draw of the century with your chance to win a ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ to be one of the first to ride on the Dubai Metro on 09.09.09.

Answer the question of the day to double your chances of winning. 



click here for a chance to win the golden ticket

click here for a chance to win the golden ticket


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