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An NGO’s social media channels are quickly turning into assets for these NGOs who are looking for media coverage, funding, partnerships…well pretty much any NGO. And while by now most of them realize that, they are also feeling overwhelmed on how to harness its powers with having so many of them – social networks.

Though its not easy, this Hack Sheet created for NGOs should be helpful. Initially this presentation was created as a talk for @Social Media’s PACE innovation fair that intended to bring together NGOs, Journalists, the Media, Digital Marketers and Digital Firms all under one roof in order to act as an enabler for social change. And while it is hard to explain in just 7 minutes (not that it will be easier in hours) on how to use each social network, there are key aspects to consider while building your social media strategy:

1. How long will your post “Live”?
Your clever tweet will only be seen by people in the next 2-3 minutes after posting it as ones feeds refreshes quite quickly, but a facebook post may live on he newsfeed organically for 2-3 hours, and even longer if promoted.

2. Who is you target audience on the platform?
Facebook is definitely your hub for the masses, but linked in may be a good hub for you as an NGO to find journalists, human capital, granting organizations and network with other NGOs and the community around your NGO cause.

3. Your content!
140 characters work on twitter but you need much more to grab the attention of people during their scrolling coma in their facebook newsfeed and that is why you need to use images and interesting visuals.

4. Each hub has something special you can utilize to give you more visibility. ┬áIn Facebook you can promote a post through facebook ads to get it seen by millions, on twitter and instagram the clever use of a hashtag may give you the needed exposure and on youtube using proper descriptions and keywords will make your video ‘findable’ long after its posted.

And last but not least do not feel like you have to use all social networks or every single feature of every social network: Use what you need and what you have time for!

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