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So you walk all uptight past that revolving door, get your bag from the security scan, up the escalator you go stepping on that posh weird carpet Phoenicia Intercontinental has and someone points you to a really insignificant glass door, a typical hotel glass door really…. you open it… and everything turns to purple, and it is a completely different piece of cake… That’s Amethyste!

The Atmosphere?

After sunset, you step into candle light and submerge into wonderful purple light… the music is soft and relaxing, but not sleep-inducing, rather entrancing. I guess my love of all things purple and its use in color therapy makes you slightly biased. It is not the place for wild partying, or coming all dress upped to check who is doing whom, wearing what… It is a good place for intimate … “me” and “us” time…

The areas is divided into different seating formats – there is the pool side, the area with the breathtaking sea view, the shisha couches, the bar…

The place is good for talks as the music, though mixed by very famous DJ does not overpower, and allows you to fill it in with your own lyrics… Special smells envelope you in a mixture of the plants growing, the sea breathe and a light caramel residue of the shisha tobacco whiffs (unlike the awful ones commonly encountered)… The staff are very amicable and friendly, so no up-tightness there either.

Amethyste lounge in phoenicia intercontinenetal beirut Amethyste Lounge Bar via @uxsoup

The Tastes?

I guess I should start by saying that at Amethyste, the food is served as though it were a performance. Final steps of some dishes are performed right in front of your eyes, the kebab comes with a small mangal with coals and is unraveled by a waiter from  underneath a sheath of markouk bread all in an theatrical and yet subtle manner. with  All of this adds to the magical atmosphere.

As you can see the presentation of the dishes is very nontraditional and colorful, with great pops of color. The table set and the cutlery is also extremely intricate with wonderful surprising twists…
When it comes to the taste though, I expected it to pop more and surprise me with flavor boldness. But it did not. Nevertheless, I need to say that I dropped in after a dinner at Chopsticks… Then again I would guess you would go to Amethyste for the atmosphere rather than the food,because no one would go to White after tasting their bland overly priced food. And still my expectations after the great presentation were so high that I could not help feeling a bit disappointed. The meals are quite small, so once again it is an experience rather than a dining place.

The drinks were pretty cool, and the ice cream deserts were quite good too. Have also been told that the shishas  served at Amethyst have very special blends and flavors, so try it if you are into that kind of thing.

The food at Amethyste Lounge - Mozarella and WatermelonSalmon At Amethyste lounge via @uxsoup Shisha Lounge space at Amethyste

When should you go there?

Go to Amethyste in the evening to have the full experience, as I doubt it will be as magical in day light.

If you are in Lebanon for a vacation, this the place to visit on your last evening in Beirut, it will help you amass all of your experiences in one final exotic punch.

If you are at very important stage in your life when you have a very critical decision, drop in to see the world in perspective.

When you are meeting old friends, whom you have not met in a really long while, this is a very intimate place for conversations.

If you are ready to pop the question, to your better half, do it gazing into the sunset diving into the sea, and no matter how commitment phobic your partner is, their guards would most probably be down in Amethyste.

And finally, don’t disregard the place for critical business meetings, especially for business partners from abroad, so far this is one of the best places for this kind of thing it the Beirut nightlife scene, and I am always on the lookout for these.

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I will leave you with the “official” description of the lounge from the Phoenicia Intercontinental Site:
Améthyste pool lounge will soon become the number one night destination in Beirut with an artistic vibe and Oriental international influences fused together in a purple haze. Locals and visitors may feast in the visual vista, quench their thirst and delight their palate in a relaxed and vital atmosphere. Améthyste features the largest selection of unique Tequila and Rum from all over the world.
Location:  In Hotel – Main Lobby Level – Outdoor Pool & Terrace.
Telephone: +961-1-369100

And don’t forget to let me know what you think :)

Images used via @uxsoup & @meinlebanon

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