Social Media Laughs in July’s @Cloud961


Social Media and tech gizmos have seeped into every aspect of our lives. In this column Darine curates the curious and funny anecdotes on how these new media have transformed day to day interactions. Share your own stories with her on twitter on @sdarine #SMLaughs or email

1. Designer’s VS Community Manger’s Perspective
I caught this talk over at a client’s. Their designer jumped into our meetings to make a point: the content posted on the social media channels in not “professional” it is just snapped at the venue – let’s convince the boss to hire a photographer and do a photoshoot! To which the community manager said – “No, we are getting a lot of likes on these, plus they’ve been “INSTAed”!”

2. Ask me anything

During my days getting your teacher’s phone number was a great coup, we would cherish it and use it for our special prank calls. But not anymore! This year during the first day of my sister’s school each teacher came into class, introduced herself and then wrote her number on the board with the words: “if you need anything, just whatsapp me!”

3. Skype him from my phone!
My mom has this absolute belief that if my brother called her on skype and skype rang on her mobile phone its an absolute “No-NO” to call him back from the tablet or laptop because the “connection won’t work unless its from the same place”.

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