Imitation is the mother of invention.

The original Kono Pizza , webscreenshot from





The duplicate, received via email



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  1. Chantal’s avatar

    Well that’s Lebanon!!


  2. Danielle’s avatar

    What a coinkidinkie!


  3. Boudy’s avatar

    guys, can u spare the Lebanese for once ;-) there’s nothing Lebanese about it, both companies are international brands (see and there is more than those too. Pizza in a cone is like fish fingers i guess :-s


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Boudy, Thank you for the investigation and clarification : ) who knew pizza cones are so in !?


  4. Fadi’s avatar

    Their popularity is certainly growing around the world – very big in Brazil (lot’s of different companies) and there’s a company (aka which seems to have been around awhile too since it registered its web domain even before Kono Pizza did. The question is, which one is best?



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