This is a teaser campaign! {Updated}

I like it when brands are upfront and honest, it is sort of refreshing don’t you think?

This is a teaser campaign billboard in beirut

The only brand that comes to mind which has purple in its corporate identity is Cadbury so they are number one on my suspect list. Who is on yours?




Tthe campaign turned out to be a campaign by VOLVO for their Leasing Campaign

volvo leasing camapign

The extremely weird thing about the campaign is their unbelievably primitive use of the Facebook Page created.

I’d rather they just used facebook ads for the Volvo from the start rather than waste money to direct people to a non-engaging brochure publishing page.

volvo teasing camapign facebookpage




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  1. Rabih’s avatar

    Cadbury seems like a sure bet in the FMCG category… But I would guess from the font choice that it could be something more corporate as well – or it could be for a new restaurant (they keep on mushrooming around town!)


  2. Tarek’s avatar

    I don’t think it’s Cadbury. The font is so unlike them. It looks like a movie font… Star Wars or something, although I know that’s not the case.

    I really hope it’s not a bank using this font!!!!! That would be an epic… fail!!!

    I thought about ZwZ for a split second but I figured they would have written the teasing with Z instead of an S!

    We’ll just have to wait and be teased!!


  3. Lorena’s avatar

    I saw this today too.. but also confusing. As a teaser though, it’s doing little more than just stating the obvious.. no hint whatsover of what’s to come (there’s always gotta be at least a teeny-tiny hint in a teaser). Wonder what the campaign is for in any case.. we’ll find out soon I guess!


  4. Khaled Afiouni’s avatar

    for the mass the term “teaser campaign” will make no sense… I think this is a teaser for marketing people… those who would really click with it… what say you?


  5. Chantal’s avatar

    I saw it on the high-way two days ago & saw that it was Volvo!
    BUt since when Volvo is purple ?!?!


  6. Danielle’s avatar

    Yeah,,really not impressed with this one! Volvo should’ve adapted this campaign to suit the market and spent more resources creating a more interactive Facebook page!



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