More political facebook ads

PM Hariri Using Facebook Ads  to get more fans





PM Hariri Using Facebook Ads  to get more fans









Well it seems someone got the cue from the president and decided to have a fan-raising campaign of his own.

In general, I always felt that political parties in Lebanon are always ready to try out new technologies,they were the first to have community portals, news portals and forums, and it seems that now they are even more actively embracing new media. Be ware!

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  1. Riad’s avatar

    Makes you wonder,
    Future movement has two of the top 6 websites in lebanon (very recent study by ipsos), those are the 14 march website and the almustaqbal official website.

    Were ads really needed to grow fans? Why not leverage on the existing traffic? Any social strategy in place? Long term seo?

    Hope they manage to build a dialog on those platforms, and not use it as yet another monologue speaker phone.

    (comment applies to all politicians, and not a particular party/person)


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