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Kono Pizza Blackberry Delivery


Apparently you can now order a Kono Pizza delivered to you via Blackberry Services, that’s an interesting way of looking at mobile marketing , perfectly localized for our country.

*It was hard to capture the photo whilst driving and having beeping coming from all around on this Rass Beirut Cross Road.

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  1. Dar El Akhdar’s avatar

    Hehe I know exactly what you mean about that Ras Beiruti crossroad
    - a NIGHTMARE when LAU classes finish for the day!

    It seems more and more companies are advertising BB barcodes…
    Not a fan of coned pizza though – I’m more of a traditionalist :P


  2. Life with Subtitles’s avatar

    You mean the one of the few times there was a parking spot available in Beirut, where you could’ve parked and taken your time to snap a picture, you didn’t seize the opportunity ?
    Nice catch though ! :)


  3. Saad Al Dosari’s avatar

    Good move … I just hope somebody will be receiving these orders and making sure they are delivered.



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