Haiku: Digital Paths

We seek each other blindly weeding through the noise,

Loneliness colliding with lonesomeness without aim or plan,

Providence charting destiny with Brownian Motion

I felt inspired today to write in pre-year-end meditation evaluating the connections made through out this year. It did not fit in 140 although I tried so I decided to document it here.

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  1. Mich’s avatar

    Love it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to The Identity Chef. Wishing you all good things and much, much more :-)


  2. yasmine’s avatar

    Very nice – loved it loved it!


  3. Danielle’s avatar

    I was never any good at Haiku’s, but you are!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      I blame that on reading unabridged Somerset Maugham and Charles Dickens, these men are so good with their prose it is almost poetry.



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