Heading Out to the Arab Social Media Forum

Tonight I am heading out to Amman for the 1st Arab Social Media Forum, a full day event wholly dedicated to Social Media throughout its aspects.

But the more exciting thing is that following my An Event for the Netizens post the event organizers asked me to be the moderator for all he twitter questions coming from the global audience(1). So all that you need to do tomorrow is follow the #ASMF2010 hashtag and tweet your questions to the speakers and the most interesting ones will be answered.

Looking forward to it!


1- Perhaps it is also an attempt to curb my natural tweet cynicism ;)
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  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Fantastic! I won’t be able to make it, but now I’ll be able to ask whatever questions I have. Looking forward to reading your recap of the event as well. You always uncover interesting insights. Have a safe trip!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Oh Danielle, You are so sweet :)

      I hope I do not disappoint…


  2. khaled’s avatar

    i cant believe how far you’ve accomplished
    but i know its not the best you can do
    best wishes for you


  3. yasmine’s avatar

    Bon voyage darling!!
    Looking forward to following you on the #ASMF2010 timeline.


  4. Danielle’s avatar

    Looking forward to reading your review of the event!



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