Social Media – A new way to recruit spies

So I barely logged in to facebook the other day, when my jaw drops at this.

And the ad takes you to this landing page.

Guerrilla marketing just got a new meaning and being 007 was never easier.

Now honestly, things like these really make you think twice about your online activity and how your online information can be misused and how you can be hunted down and targeted with ads without even recognizing it.

So why hasn’t the Lebanese government blocked this website? Isn’t it a threat to national security?



This pots was mentioned in Global Voices Online , Thank you Guys!

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  1. Marketing Blog’s avatar

    hehehe I got that too and blogged about it as well back in July….

    Only I was not brave enough to click on it ;p


  2. Mariam El-Fawal’s avatar

    I always get ads about Israel — I guess because I’m part of anti-Israel groups on fb lol :P but anyway- I always click on the x by the actual ad and when they ask why I want it removed I say its offensive material. Makes me feel rather good about myself :P


  3. @ebyking’s avatar

    Geez! I thought I was the only one to get those on my Facebook. I starting looking around me to see if anyone’s watching! :-) It looks like a lot of Lebanee Facebook users are being hammered by these ads. But NO! If anyone says anything “bad” about “them”, they get banned from Facebook. Which brings to a weird connection: Zuckeerberg……?? Hein? Does it ring a bell???


  4. Mohamad’s avatar

    Lebanese gov didn’t block any website and hopefully it won’t, because if they start, they will end up blocking many websites that we r using. At the same time u have a point and there should be a request from our gov to Facebook to block Lebanon from any ads coming or mentioning Israel. is having a lot of attention in the US and r publishing a lot of content related to the war, but we can access it from the US with no problems.


  5. M’s avatar

    CLICK ON THESE ADS! Advertisers pay facebook on a per click basis so maybe a few clicks by us would divert funds from bulldozing a house or buying more ammunition. Won’t have a huge impact but its the same effort as clicking the X! ;)



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