Sand in My Shoes

Beirut Duty Free - Ad Campaign - Take back more than just sand between your toes

My travel bug is growing worse and worse every day. My biological clock just knows that it is supposed to be somewhere half way across the world…

And passing by the above billboard by Beirut Duty Free Every day, evermore tingles my consumerism and desire to travel…

How do you deal with your travel bug?

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  1. Maya’s avatar

    I’ll have to deal with my travel bug once I deal with my very strong fear of flying. Or should I say terror or flying… How about traveling in Lebanon? There’s so much to see and do here in the summer, but living here we forget about it. Or probably a trip to Syria, Jordan or Turkey over a weekend? :-)


  2. Riham’s avatar

    My biological clock is dying about stuff like that. I usually travel in April every year for a vacation and have not done so this year. I tend to deal with it by remembering previous vacations, looking at pictures, until I eventually can’t take it anymore and pack my bags and actually go somewhere.

    I will never understand people who do not enjoy traveling.


  3. Mich’s avatar

    Heheheh! My travel bug wants me to come back to Lebanon!!!! :-)


  4. Rabih’s avatar

    I gotta agree with Maya on this one – I’m craving going back to Europe but one can settle on re-discovering Lebanon and visiting our Arab neighbors :)


  5. khaled hakim’s avatar

    I was in beirut last weekend… I recall seeing that ad featured in your post (sand in your shoes)… I recall pausing and liking it.


  6. Na!’s avatar

    I get that too! but we’re lucky that Lebanon’s such a small country and we get to change scenery without actually having to go very far.

    I keep a database of all the places I like in Lebanon but never actually get around to properly visit. That way I don’t forget about it. So whenever I get the travel bug I go through my notebook and pick one thing: that cute bed and breakfast in Tyr or an interesting Ecovillage in Chouf… It’s usually quite cheap, I always find someone to tag along and a perfect week end is 100% guaranteed.

    Of course I also daydream about leaving everything and jump on a plane to Tokyo but the closest I got so far is eating sashimi… next summer maybe?


  7. Joe's Box’s avatar

    I love this AD!!


  8. Mireille’s avatar

    and i thought freelance is commitement free and that i will be backpacking thru the summer !

    once i find a way to deal with my trouble bug, i’ll let you know – going around in lebanon in new area might help a bit

    there is a song for dido called sand in my shoes – i get stuck on each when back from vacation


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Mireille, I get soooo stuck on that song too :)


  9. Lorena’s avatar

    Agree with Mireille.. One way is to explore new areas around Lebanon. One cool place is the little beaches in Batroun.. Kind of hidden. Ask for “Chez Maggie” and enjoy the view :-)

    Hope you cure your travel bug for *real* soon!


  10. Rabe'e AbdelWahab’s avatar

    briefly, I can’t deal with it , and no cure but to be out somewhere way from home :) , nice blog!



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