SPOTTED: First Business in Lebanon to Use Foursquare for Promotions – Flipside Beirut

Flipside beirut on Foursquare - using locatiob based marketing

Was tweaking through foursquare for businesses section when this stopped me in my feet. I felt so ecstatic with the idea I wanted to share with you what Flipside Beirut are doing, by pioneering location based marketing.

I will try to contact them to find out more, in the meantime let me know if you’ve tried the place before.

And Check:

- Their foursquare page

- Their twitter page

- Their Website

- Their Facebook page

It is obvious that the promotion is quite new, but let us keep watching to see where it gets.

So, do you know of any other businesses in Lebanon that have effective foursquare promotions? Or any ones in the Middle East per se.

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  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Yeah! I realized this the other day when I was doing some research on Foursquare usage in Lebanon..Flipside is the only venue to implement foursquare specials..i think it has to do with the fact that Foursquare is managed and owned by people in the Ad business..or so I hear!

    How long do you think it will take for other businesses in Lebanon, especially restaurants, bars, and follow suit?


  2. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

    I wish that would be sooner, but I guess the buy in from other businesses will take up to at least a year. And even then, i do not believe there will be that many businesses into it.



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