Moukarzel Strikes Again with Demeaning “Mon Bijou, Mon droit” Campaign!

Despite the stupendously negative reaction of the online community to the demeaning Mon Bijou Mon Droit Ads, I have spotted these once again on Big Banners all around town.

This time around it seems that Moukarzel have a brand champion in the form of some starlet, livid on capitalizing on the huge wedding wave in Lebanon.

This is what happens when brands do not study the return and feedback on previous campaigns and bastion themselves within the walls of their own ignorance – Sad but True.

Moukarzel’s Competitor’s take notes and rejoice while they are stuck in Marketing 1.0.

Mon Bijou Mon Droit strike 2

Some Links from Bloggers regarding the first wave of this Campaign:

- Cafe Thawra

- @Naloves on twitter and on her blog

- Beirut NTSC

- Maya’s Amalgam

(if you have written an opinion about this campaign, please let me know so I can link back to it)

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  1. Mich’s avatar

    What a bad advertising and marketing team they must have! And as to “capitalizing on the huge wedding wave” it is more the “funeral wave”!!!! :-)


  2. Danielle’s avatar

    Ok please don’t crucify me for this..but think about it..who are these ads meant to appeal to? Who is their target audience? Gold digging women who think that they deserve some jewelry for their “services..” and in that respect, they are spot on.

    These ads are disgusting, demeaning, and yet,,in Lebanon they just might work.


  3. Marketing Blog’s avatar

    …errrr I kind of had the same reaction when I first saw the campaign.

    Only, rethinking it, whether we like it or not, the shallowness depicted is no fiction, it is a clear image they must have induced from the type of customers purchasing their products (not targeted to women like you and I, or any other woman who would voice sound judgment, on a blog or elsewhere).

    It seems clear to me that:
    - Moukarzel’s main buyers are men
    - Their end users, women
    - The initial “need” created by women whining/ men feeling guilty

    I would actually go the extra mile, and say it is not even targeted at women at all, rather to the men. It kind of explicitly says your wife might not be whining, but you still owe her. This is what a woman would normally do, reward yours for not demanding jewelry.

    As much as I hate this advertising, it might just be selling.

    I would, however, condemn the model Nadine Njeim for playing along…


  4. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

    @Danielle TRUE but still very sad, at a time when women in the middle east are looking for empowerment, we get another strike DOWN!

    @MarketingBlog I love your idea that the AD may just be targeted at men. Would definitely make more sense. But I guess our generation and peer group does not get that and does not accept it, but then again we are not gold diggers and not the typical customer.

    Nevertheless, I always want ads and companies to do more and really get out of their skin, to do more than advertising for an end.. rather think of advertising as an art, a form of expression, a social revolution even. I guess that is what angers me the most!


  5. Marketing Blog’s avatar

    @Darine do you think there’s no such thing as bad publicity? …


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Of course bad publicity exists, but one would always prefer good one with the same amount of hype.


  6. Pazuzu HSP’s avatar

    actually it was covered also on bekhsoos:

    bas seriously I cant believe they did this again :-/



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