How Cliches are born – Why do men move out?

Image via Beirut Drive By Shooting

Ever wondered why men are always the ones kicked out of their houses, or know to have left “to buy a pack of cigarettes” to never return again?


The last month has all been about packing our belongings into boxes, bags, suitcases, bubble wrap and newspapers… Since it is a tedious process that none of us wanted to do, we created the buddy system. The most enthusiastic person, or in our case the most responsible person, aka as hubby, would pack while the other person would monitor the packing process, hands the scotch tape & newspapers, labels the boxes…   eliminating the possibility of weaseling out.

I must say that we have only lived in this place for three years, and I myself was astounded by the amount of stuff we have, bringing a lot of guilt surges regarding our consumerism habits.

The salt & bread of it all is whenever we  opened a new closet the ratio of MY STUFF/ HUBBY’S STUFF was overwhelming, and he would always scream out something like ” I didn’t even know you own these” or “why don’t you ever use these” or “ Since you do not use these, let us give it away“. But my answer would always be ” YES, I NEED that“.

After a few of such episodes my dear had an AHA moment:

” NOW I know why it is always the women kicking her husband out by throwing his suitcase out of the window or leaving it on the porch! WOMEN root themselves deeply into the house with all their belongings so he can never accomplish gathering all her stuff and getting rid of her! It will be much easier for him to run away!”

Could it be that consumerism is uprooted in women’s DNA for survival purposes?

And now, we are faced with the challenge of UNPACKING!!!

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  1. Chantal’s avatar

    1st Welcome dear neighbors :D

    & @Dashkoun Nice observation :)

    & good luck with the unpacking!!


  2. Danielle’s avatar

    You know what always gets me? Looking in my closet and realizing that I’ve worn the same 3 outfits about 100 times..yet I refuse to throw away the things I haven’t worn? Why? Why are we afraid of an empty closest! Although I have to say, since come to Lebanon, I haven’t had a chance to really “accumulate stuff” but I have to agree, it is amazing..the rate at which it does accumulate! My advice, if you don’t need it, give it away, there are many other people who could use it..and you will feel less cluttered!


  3. Joe's box’s avatar

    Very nice true and funny article :O)
    Mabrouk ur new house



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