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I am a big fan (stalker) of Maya’s work as I think all of you are. And I am really happy that we will have a new item feeding that frenzy.

Would be happy to meet you all there.

To sum it up:

• Date: August 04, 2010

• Time: Starting 6:30PM

• Place: Art Lounge – Karantina – +961 3 99 76 76

• RSVP on Facebook EVENT PAGE: http://bit.ly/cU8vKx


I am so flattered to be picked as blog of the week on Lebanon Aggregator.

Identity chef on Lebanon aggregator screen shot

I also remembered that I forgot to tell you about the cool video Blog Aggregator did called “What got you into blogging?”, featuring many Lebanese bloggers. I am featured there too, but I am tooooo self conscious about how I look on video…

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The lovely guys at Cineklik have offered to giveaway three pairs of tickets to the premiere 0f Letters to Juliet .

To Enter, just leave a comment below ( don’t forget to mention your email and twitter account) and 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random tomorrow.

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Beirut Duty Free - Ad Campaign - Take back more than just sand between your toes

My travel bug is growing worse and worse every day. My biological clock just knows that it is supposed to be somewhere half way across the world…

And passing by the above billboard by Beirut Duty Free Every day, evermore tingles my consumerism and desire to travel…

How do you deal with your travel bug?

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Flipside beirut on Foursquare - using locatiob based marketing

Was tweaking through foursquare for businesses section when this stopped me in my feet. I felt so ecstatic with the idea I wanted to share with you what Flipside Beirut are doing, by pioneering location based marketing.

I will try to contact them to find out more, in the meantime let me know if you’ve tried the place before.

And Check:

- Their foursquare page

- Their twitter page

- Their Website

- Their Facebook page

It is obvious that the promotion is quite new, but let us keep watching to see where it gets.

So, do you know of any other businesses in Lebanon that have effective foursquare promotions? Or any ones in the Middle East per se.

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SMEDS Ad Campaign for Car Giveaway

My Car has been giving me a very hard time lately, it has had it coming  since I graduated Uni and yet we have been concentrating on getting through with the wedding and then saving up for the house

So even though I do not eat any type of processed cheese and don’t even like the car that SMEDS are giving away, those typical scenes from our daily commuting lives, just make me feel so understood. And I get that certain warm feeling towards SMEDS.

This is what every Campaign should be able to achieve, right?

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Lebanese Ministry of Electricity Campaign

Lebanese Ministry of Energy Promising 24/7 electricity

“Nothing more permanent than the temporary” – This is what my mother says after her lifetime of experience in moving houses and countries, and I think she got that proverb from her mother too, who being a military wife and having witnessed WWII had her share of moving. Every time we would settle in a new place, we would put off doing things and reforms, like painting a wall, adding an extra kitchen cabinet, or shelf, changing the hangers, updating the upholstery…,  until “better times” , but these seemed to not arrive … and then we moved again…

I have been hearing that the problems with electricity cuts will be resolved, and we will have 24/7 electricity, ever since I was 10But something always seemed to get in the way, be it a little war, a bombing of the Power Station, a revolution…

And over a decade and a half later, I came to accept the electricity cut outs, and think of them as the government’s way to educate us about resource scarcity, global warming and saving energy, while contemplating alternative energy sources. Come global warming or any natural catastrophe, I guarantee the Lebanese will have the highest survival rate.

Last month, I was at an international conference in the Riviera Hotel in Beirut, even the Kenyan representative, whose country also suffers from power cuts, was smirking with the power blackouts and the generators inability to handle the Air Conditioners. The Lebanese organizers really felt ashamed…

Can the Ministry of Energy really keep its promise this time? But it is great that they are approaching the subject with self irony, admitting that something is OFF with Lebanon now.

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Funnily enough, the post that was featured was mainly a digest provided by the guys at SMEX of our meeting with Gaby Deek . Nevertheless, it makes me happy that the guys at Communicate have considered me authoritative enough to feature it. It feels good to know they are reading and listening…

Big Thank to Danielle from Thisisbeirut For letting me know about this and providing the  images (click on image to enlarge).

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Bala Nom - Kaffi 3a Platinum.

While putting up this billboard costs a small fortune, Platinum, have not put much into the design and copy of this ad. And yet it is a cute example of Naive advertising, just as naive art is considered a great form of art. And as it is, I would not be surprised if the ad proved to be a money turner for the business.

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The day started with great frustration as I read Liliane’s blog post regarding the turnaround of events at CNN.

I’m not going to get into the details of how a 140 character tweet spiraled madness and let the network to believe that Octavia’s Position was compromised

Photo taken at Social media day in beirut

The first thing we learn about corporate social media practices, is that the benefits of it far outweigh the risks. We are also taught that successful brand social media strategies must reflect a personal approach and sincerity in communicating to your audience and reflecting your true persona.

Big companies such as CNN have been happily leveraging Social Media through their wide network of brand champions, like Octavia, who have been dedicatedly tweeting their personal & professional experiences from tehir twitter accounts, as well as sharing on various social networks, reaching out people, interacting with them and building relationships feeding the ultimate brand persona.

It is that sincerity and openness that helped Octavia build relationships and trust with the digital natives in the Middle East, relationships with which she enriched her employer and the quality of work she has provided.

And in the digital world, we naturally understand, without disclaimers, that whatever is tweeted by Octavia, though under the CNN handle reflects by and large her personal opinions which may not match that of her employer.

So doesn’t CNN allow its employees to have personal opinions (whatever they may be)? Are CNN employees only allowed to express their opinions when it benefits CNN and is not controversial? ( I would really like to take a look at CNN’s social media guidelines)

I find it very disappointing that at the sight if a small back lash CNN was so reluctant to overlook all that Octavia has contributed to CNN, instead of standing up for her. It is not the right way to treat a brand champion will definitely reflect negatively and strain o other CNN staff in their social media presence.

CNN how do you expect your brand champions to stand by you, if you do not cover their backs and put full trust in them.

I would appreciate if you can leave your honest comment on Octavia’s Post here.

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( if you are a Lebanese blogger who has blogged on the subject, kindly let me know to link back to your post)

I also particularly loved Jillian C York’s post – Shame on American Media – stating even more examples of media double standards.

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