Do wanna be a Vaccum Head? Lebanese Health Ministry launches media campaign to raise second hand smoke awareness.

Image showing second hand smokers as hoover heads sucking in smoke

The visual is AMAZING and spot on. So far this is the only visual I have been able to find related to this specific campaign, below is an image from an earlier campaign they did. What I would LOVE to see in the future is how would they tackle the issue of Arguileh second hand smoke, an issue not covered so far in any campaign, although it is a very serious issue in Lebanon.

These visuals are part of a campaign lauched by the Lebanese Public Health Ministry in collaboration with al Azem Wal Saade association. So far I have only seen these in a magazine, although the tobacco control website said the campaign will be across all media channels starting June, but we’re not here to talk about that.

Sercond Hand Smoke is deadly - Campaign by the lebanese Government

Let me know what you think, and read other posts I have written about the smoking ban.

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  1. Danielle’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing this! While I agree with you that it is an admirable initiative, where is the execution? Smoking needs to be banned in all public places effective immediately, and I think it would do everyone good, if cigarettes were heavily taxed. (I can hear the riots already!)

    I know that the States aren’t good at a lot of things, but one thing that they are good at, is making smoking an extremely unattractive habit..As shallow as it is, it seems to have had more of an effect on people’s smoking habits then just running campaigns only focusing on second hand smoke or even the possibility of cancer…or maybe it is the fact that cigarettes are heavily taxed, and advertisements promoting cigarettes are banned.

    Why not create realistic visuals of peoples lungs, their teeth,,why not show how the smoke “stench” follows you where ever you go..I don’t know, what do you think? Why is the ministry only focusing on second hand awareness and not on first hand awareness! Do they really think Lebanese people are going to stop smoking because of the damage they are causing to other people? I should think not..and the waiter above, who is now a “vaccum” what do you think his employer is going to say when he complains that he is inhaling too much second hand smoke from the restaurant’s patrons?

    Aaand might I point out, the ad above should have been set in a closed restaurant (not an open air restaurant) which, in my opinion, would exacerbate the “second hand smoke issue” what do you think?


  2. Liliane’s avatar

    I agree with Dani’s first point, I remember tweeting about this campaign and asking the same thing “okay now what? how do i demand for a law that protects me?”

    So how do I demand a law exactly? do i go about it in the streets? do I blog about it? shou ya3ne? the ad is nice, but it doesn’t help at all


  3. Saad Al Dosari’s avatar

    Hi Darine …

    There is something I am not totally getting about this campaign! It is done by the Lebanese Health Ministry, right? So why are they asking the targeted audience to ‘ask for a law that bans smoking in public places!’? I am not expert in the Lebanese law or anything, but why do not the Health Ministry just issue the banning law??

    Now, as for raising the awareness of the seriousness of second hand smoke!! mmm … Ok, it is dangerous; and we all, mostly, know that! We get the message but there is something a bit demeaning in the visual execution. It is like saying to me ‘If you are somehow exposed to second hand smoking, then you are a vacuum cleaner head!!!’

    What if I do not have a choice? Why should I be blamed and named as a vacuum cleaner head? In other words, the campaign seems to be blaming the audience for being second hand smokers? While it is part of the HM responsibilities to limit such harm on non-smokers.



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