Two designers on a crusade for green spaces in Beirut!

Green Interventions Nadine Feghali and Dima Boulad decided to take their frustration with the lack of urban planning and green spaces in Beirut to the next level with a “Green Intervention”. In 9 spots around Beirut, the installations shout out their call for change.

The public intervention was up 6am on friday june 4th 2010, for World’s Environment Day.

Check it out for yourself ! Here’s a map of the 9 spots in Beirut.
The Two Designers - Dima and Nadine with their creations - Green interventions

Big props up for the girls on their fabulous idea, which breaks up the space giving us the little piece of green we need. I am hoping to see many more green interventionsĀ  and interesting projects :) But in the meantime, help spread the word to help get them across to those in power and melt through their complacency.
And keep your fingers crossed no one will decide to nick these lovely creations :)
Imagine if every person contributed just 4 meters of green, be it a a balcony, a flower pot…
So what have you been doing to create a better environment?
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  1. Danielle’s avatar

    What a wonderful concept, and I too agree with everyone’s complaints that Beirut is lacking green space. But my question then becomes, how do you go about incorporating green spaces into Beirut? Does it mean some buildings will have to be razed to account for these new spaces…and because there are so few free plots of land left in Beirut..this is even more of a problem..

    Why didn’t the urban planners account for green spaces..its soo important, and so vital to the health of any society! No wonder everyone likes to leave Beirut on the weekends..!!

    Thanks for the post!


  2. Na!’s avatar

    Very cool campaign!!!

    Thank you for keeping me posted on everything that is vibrant about Lebanon, and that I miss so much!!!



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