No Color – No Life. Entrancing Toufoula Visuals

No color - no life - Toufoula PosterNo color - no life - Toufoula PosterNo color - no life - Toufoula PosterNo color - no life - Toufoula Poster

These visuals are truly amazing, they are down to the point, they convey the message, and visually communicate what the organization does. Just thought I’d share them with you, in case you haven’t seen them around.

Toufoula is a young Lebanese NGO that seeks to improve the life of terminally ill children in any way possible. One of their projects aims at decorating hospital rooms of the sick children. You can check out more about them on Toufoula’s website and while you’re at it, check their profile which has photos of all the rooms they’ve done.

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  1. maya zankoul’s avatar

    I love the visuals! and I love the purpose of this NGO. Very touching, and very expressive visuals… Thanks for sharing! I had seen billboards on the street, but didn’t know what they do exactly.


  2. Amal M.ElKabbout’s avatar

    Hey u,

    Am one of the board members and founders of Toufoula.I would like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the NGO. Thank u all. We would love to c u all soon.
    and it is together that we can acheive a change.



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