Guest Post #2 by Khaled Itani: Worried about making BIG decisions? Don't be!

Right when I asked the Question on trusting your guts and making tough choices, Khaled surprises me with this to the point post in my inbox. And though you all know how much I question my own decisions (it’s out of my control), especially career related, the fatalist in me rejoices at his words. Read on…

My advice to you on facing decision-making time.

Every other day I interact with individuals that are at crossroads of making life-changing decisions. The one thing in common among people weighing out their options is the stress that accompanies such a high involvement exercise. Making a decision is something we do every day; whether we pay attention or not: almost hourly we are faced with choices. But the decisions that really take their toll on our minds are the life-altering ones; the major ones that determine our career path, future, personal and professional progress.

Stress of decision making


Nearly a decade ago I received the single most helpful advice of my life: advice that I pass on to anyone who knows me on a personal level. And this is advice that I will share with you now. I was in the process of making a major decision, and at the period of time, this decision and its projected outcome were weighing heavily on my conscience. Until an old family friend helped me approach the decision-making process differently. Their advice was as follows:

“Any decision that you make, is the right decision.”

Yes it might be hard to conceive or accept. But it s very true. Any major decision that you are required to independently take will end up being the correct one*. How so, you may ask? This is very simply due to the ability of the human mind to adapt. Humans are able to cope and become accustomed to the situations they’re in (mostly) and are continuously looking for improvement. I like to cite an example that fortifies this advice and illustrate it.

Think of the last time you suffered a minor injury (a small cut or bruise on the arm, per se). The one thing that was definite after your injury is that your skin healed itself daily. Your body is built to recover, regenerate new skin, and eliminate the wound. Likewise, your mind is able to recover, regenerate new thought and attitude to help you cope with stress. Reflect on that while you review the last major decision you took. You will then realize how that same decision you made was the right one simply because you were able to excel and manage the outcome in a way that worked best for you. So if you re about to choose a university major, a job offer, or a change in career path: don’t stress yourself out. Face the decision with head up and a forward-thinking attitude being confident that you will be doing the right thing!

*that being said, I am by no means referring to decisions that involve unhealthy or destructive behavior. Those types of decisions are never the right ones obviously.

BIO: Khaled G. Itani is an ex-AdMan with an MBA in Marketing from the American University of Beirut. With years of Advertising/Communications experience from Grey Beirut and JWT, Khaled is currently a Client Services Manager for a leading North American e-Commerce firm.

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  1. Ibrahim’s avatar

    This is indeed a great advice and a morning read geared to fuel the day ahead!
    Thanks mister Itani ;)


  2. Liliane’s avatar

    Don’t mean to be the grumpy decision, but I don’t agree with the advice above, will elaborate on that later


  3. Liliane’s avatar

    So am back as I promised.

    I agree that a person shouldn’t stress themselves to the point of losing it or making a very bad decision for example. However, I don’t think any decision a person makes will be the good one for 2 main reasons:

    1- I don’t think adaptation is always a good thing, because the negative side of adaptation can be loss of ambition and just settling
    2- Sometimes people do make bad decision, and they have to live with by thinking only if we thought it through we might’ve made the right decision.

    In general a person survives, but is this what we want? to survive? or “vivre heureusement”


  4. Khaled’s avatar

    Hi Liliane, thanks for your valuable input.

    in reply to ur 2 points:
    1-i think your view of adaption is not in the most positive light. Adaptation at the end of the day is what makes the survival of the fittest possible. In the above post I’m not referring to passive adaptation, rather to proactive one where you affect positive change.
    2-possibly true..but you can get a lot more out of a situation by facing forward and changing rather than looking back and regretting.

    Either way, thanks again for your comments!


  5. Liliane’s avatar

    hehe sure, we’re brainstorming here :) thanks for the post anyway, it came while am trying to make a big decision of my own


  6. viola'’s avatar

    if one always thinks positively he can actually believe in it and make the best out of it! the power of the mind!

    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Hamlet



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