GIVEAWAY: Fringe Complete Season 1 DVDs

UPDATE: the lucky winner is KrikorianM, stay tuned for more giveaways!

Fringe DVDs giveawaysYou know how parents who do not have enough time to spend with their families, buy out their love? Well, I really want to bribe you all for being patient in my infrequent posting. 

To get a chance to win the full season 1 of Fringe, (non-original DVDs watched once by me in a Marathon on this NYE) just leave a comment below. You can also be a conscientious reader and give me advise and tell me what you’d like to read about next :)

P.S. The DVDs will be available for Pickup in Beirut and will wait for you as long as it takes.

Winner will be chosen at random on Valentine’s Day:)

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  1. Tarek’s avatar

    (hhhmmmmmm… should’ve been the first person to comment wins!! :P )


  2. ShootingStarsMag’s avatar

    How lovely, please count me in. thanks!


  3. Suraj’s avatar

    Long way from home .. but .. nevertheless! :D


  4. Liliane’s avatar

    I like the idea of giving away stuff, i learn from you :)


  5. KrikOrian’s avatar

    Loved the Idea :D ! a good reason to win
    Gonna watch Fringe with my GF since you are giving it on Valentine’s day …hahaha :D Just kidding


  6. Armigatus’s avatar

    How will the winner be picked?


    1. Walid’s avatar

      i think the last one will win :) dunno be active and u may be the one ill try not to coz i already watched the movie with her :P
      if i won it will not be fare :P



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