Favorite Comfort Food – Cheesy Potato Crisps

cheesy potatoes (cheddar, potato crisps, onions and tomatoes)

There is no gastronomical love in the world greater than my love for cheddar cheese! Put cheddar cheese on anything, and it suddenly becomes magically seductive!

I am very hungry at the time of writing this, and a picture is well worth a thousand words, so I’ll just skip on to give you the best comfort food recipe in the world!*

cheesy potatoes (cheddar, fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes)


- One Large Potato ( those that you get in Lebanon that are like 300 gms each) – Thinly sliced in circles

- One small onion – Finely chopped into little cubes

- One small Tomato – Finely chopped into little cubes

- A lot of grated cheddar cheese ( at least 100 Gms)

- Salt,  Black pepper & Paprika

-Optional – A small Jalapeno Pepper ( this was in the original recipe, but I dislike Jalapenos)

cheesy potatoes (cheddar, potato crisps, onions and tomatoes)

The Preparation is ridculously simple:

- Deep fry the potatoes after salting them and lay them onto a flat plate in one layer

- Directly after layering the potatoes, sprinkle them heavily with cheddar cheese so that it melts well

- Spread the tomatoes & onions

- Lightly dust the plate with Black Pepper & Paprika

You can also do your potatoes in batches & layer your dish.


*I stole the idea fromTGI Friday’s Potato Skins


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  1. Liliane’s avatar

    I can imagine how tasty that is! and how unhealthy! (lol leik min ayyehoun sayra ana :S)

    Sa7tein :D


  2. shezshe’s avatar

    miam!miam!miam! i know that i can afford to eat that right know very very unhealthy(REGIME!!!)!but give me some time because i’ m sure i’ ll do it!
    by the way thank for your comments ! and no i didn’ t realised that i took a chef in picture thank you for the nofication:))))



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