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Mastercard installation ad in istambul airport

This goes to show that even if you work in marketing, even if you are remotely involved in any of its functions, your mind gets rewired. And now you are always on the lookout for how others are grasping their branding opportunities. At around 6 in the morning, after a 3 hour flight to Istanbul, while my prince charming was simply looking for our bag, which would later turn out to be lost somewhere in the hidden dungeons of Turkish Airlines’ storage facilities…I was thinking of how to get a good snap of this installation to put on my back then non-existent blog…And now that i’m frantically jamming that same suitcase for an impeding trip to Jordan, I thought I’d break my silence and, hopefully, entertain you. :)

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bowling throw

My friends Social Media Marketing may still be fresh in the Middle East, but Social Media Activism is ON!

This Wednesday you have a chance to attend the first Fun(d)raising event that aims to raise money for buying toys for underprivileged children!

All you have to to is come to Link Antellias (starting 6:30 pm and seeping through) and indulge in bowling, darts, air hockey, arcades…. and much more. But , of course, you can go an extra mile and bring your own toys, which you are willing to part with, as well as craft materials and drawing supplies.

And all the procedes will go to funding Christmas gifts for needy kids. You can RSVP through the Funraising Facebook or Twitter events pages. If you can’t make it, you can still support the cause by Sporting a funraising banner on your site or blog, or donating some new or used toys to the little ones (pick up of the toys will be arranged :) .

But what is really remarkable about Fun(d)raising is the way this initiative has started and grown in literally three weeks, proving that online social activism and collaboration are a reality! Fun(d)raisers are a group of bloggers and other social media natives that came together through social media channels and a very enthusiastic call from Mireille to make it a reality. And anyone can join in and contribute with whatever he does best!

So come and bring your friends with you! If you can’t live without your internet connection, don’t worry, same will be made available on the spot, and you can provide full media coverage! Plus Funraising will be providing complete transparency, through blogging about all the contributions and documenting the donations.

I have been practicing, our swings this weekend, so come and face your fiercest bowling adversary! Would be great to meet all of you guys there!

P.S. I apologize for my online absence, though I am still active on twitter, anything needing creative exertions and work, is proving to be impossible. New developments in my life are emotionally draining, though all well worth it!

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patrick semaan logo Patrick is a dream guest blogger, he is someone a host blogger can only dream of. And as promised, he has made a come back and is answering all your questions about blog advertising. Also don’t forget to check out Patrick’s latest project the Gift Cheat Sheet,  that is available for free download, and follow him on twitter.

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cheesy potatoes (cheddar, potato crisps, onions and tomatoes)

There is no gastronomical love in the world greater than my love for cheddar cheese! Put cheddar cheese on anything, and it suddenly becomes magically seductive!

I am very hungry at the time of writing this, and a picture is well worth a thousand words, so I’ll just skip on to give you the best comfort food recipe in the world!*

cheesy potatoes (cheddar, fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes)


- One Large Potato ( those that you get in Lebanon that are like 300 gms each) – Thinly sliced in circles

- One small onion – Finely chopped into little cubes

- One small Tomato – Finely chopped into little cubes

- A lot of grated cheddar cheese ( at least 100 Gms)

- Salt,  Black pepper & Paprika

-Optional – A small Jalapeno Pepper ( this was in the original recipe, but I dislike Jalapenos)

cheesy potatoes (cheddar, potato crisps, onions and tomatoes)

The Preparation is ridculously simple:

- Deep fry the potatoes after salting them and lay them onto a flat plate in one layer

- Directly after layering the potatoes, sprinkle them heavily with cheddar cheese so that it melts well

- Spread the tomatoes & onions

- Lightly dust the plate with Black Pepper & Paprika

You can also do your potatoes in batches & layer your dish.


*I stole the idea fromTGI Friday’s Potato Skins


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How can voting for the most beautiful girl on campus support education? I do not mean to sound as a feminist, as I am all in for men opening doors … but really something is undeniably wrong with our educational system, if universities are competing with each other on who has “the fairest of them all”. And then I imagine kids deciding which university to attend basing that on: “Oh, University A has the best chicks!”

Anyone with me?

Miss Universities lebanon - beuaty meets education?

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You may remember that @ammouni had one those great “creatively organized” desks in the #MYDESK post. But people on twitter were gauding her, nominating her desk as the “most messy” desk . Not being able to bear it any longer, she decided to join the ranks of  “normal desks”. Below is a Before & after :) So let’s give her a hand of support!


@amouni's desk before


@ammouni's desk after

So would this change last for long?

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Beirut-Rock-Festival-november- 09

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I guess there was a high demand from clients for using plastic bags, as opposed to the paper bags. And I gave great Kudos to Souk Tayeb for researching greener alternative, but I would have still loved them to use Paper bags with a combination of eco-totes. But then again Consumer is KING!


souk tayeb returns to using biodegradable plasic bagssouk tayeb returns to using biodegradable plasic bags

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snail on concrete after the rain

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