bianco – Orgasmic Shoes ! Leveraging Controversy!

*Male readers,  passionless for shoes, do comment about subjects that move you & I’ll try my best to find a guest blogger on that matter… but take a peak I believe you’ll still be interested…


Remind me to someday show you a photo of my [our, technically, but over 75% of the closet and the floor and the boxes over the closet... belong to me] shoe closet! In the last two weeks I became the proud owner of not one, not two, but FOUR pairs (!!!) bianco shoes and two clutch bags… And I must say in my defense that, usually, I shop in moderation (one pair every 2-3 months) but massive amounts of sales and good shoes put together are just like absinthe to me!

So anyway I decided to check out what this brand is made of marketing wise, because usually it is hard to find clever shoe advertising, and ,my oh my, I was up for a treat! I’ll let the gallery and movie speak for themselves now!

Another thing I loved is the bianco shoes contest that has the ultimate shoe lover’s dream prize : ALL THE SHOES YOU CAN CARRY OUT F THE STORE! The contest asks participants to submit their feet’s photos! And there are a lot of interesting entries you should check out! The contest closes in end November so await an update!


You can buy bianco shoes in Lebanon in Sports et Loisir and  Dunes Verdun. If you know other places please share.

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  1. Bianco Lebanon’s avatar

    there is no Bianco in Sports et loisir, there is Bianco in Dunes, Bianco in City Mall, and Bianco in Kaslik main road, all three shops opened the last 2 weeks. for more info check the Bianco Footwear middle east group on facebook.

    best regards


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Dear Farah,

      Thank you for your comment, however, this summer Sport et Loisir did carry some Bianco Shoes in their line including these


  2. Farrah’s avatar

    Dear Darine,

    are u the person who wrote this article ?

    Best regards


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Hi Farah,

      Yes, I am the author of this blog.

      BTW I tried to email you , but i keep getting undeliverable messages.


  3. Farah Chouman’s avatar

    Dear Darine,

    it would be nice to meet you in our office in Hamra, i am the marketing manager of Bianco Footwear in Lebanon and the middle east, please contact me on 01737510 :)

    thanks a lot.

    Best regards



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