Is there a record for the biggest amount of records?

Tabbouleh & Hommos ( World's largets plates

There has been a lot of criticism towards the reasons behind this Guinness record, but, as frivolous as they may be, I’d rather see Lebanon making the headlines on such lighthearted grounds rather than news of bombings, wars and terrorism. That is why, regardless of the stubborn competitiveness of the Lebanese Industrialists Associations I say: “Make Tabbouleh, humus, kebbeh… or anything you may, but DON’t make war!” And maybe we all should look at it that way.

Our country needs the extra positive promotion, now more than ever, and despite all of our political differences, food always brings the Lebanese together.

The Tabbouleh

Yesterday, I passed by the Largest Tabbouleh, very shortly. I do not think Chef Ramzi was very proud of this Tabbouleh. The parsley was anything but finely chopped, and the remaining ingredients were floating inside the lemon, olive mix. Hence, I called it Tabbouleh Soup.

I can say that a lot of good ingredients went to waste, 1600 kg of parsley to start with. You can check out all the ingredients that went into the giant Hommos & Tabbouleh plates, as well as classical tabbouleh & hommos recipes here. What I did not understand how 1600 kgs of parsley plus 1500 kgs of tomatoes plus all the other ingredients, make for only 3000 kgs? Is there so much waste?

Some nice photos of the ‘making of ‘ on Star Scene.

Final Words of wisdom off the record

Waseet: It is great that you are planting trees, but its un-cool to distribute flyers, printed on virgin paper (without ecological certification) to promote it.

People: Littering is un-cool, even if you know there will be someone cleaning after you. Would you act like that in your homes?

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  1. Chantal’s avatar

    i passed by yesterday & couldn’t see anything!!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      I went very late in the evening.


  2. Moustafa’s avatar

    I must admit I felt a sense pride telling my non-Lebanese colleagues about this record today. As many other notable events this year I preferred to stay quiet about them (there was nothing proud about our govt progress this year or lack thereof). This is one story, even though novel, was light hearted and positive!
    On a last note, I appreciate the origins of this food may not necessarily be specifically Lebanese but let us at least view it as Lebanon representing other Arabic speaking countries that also make this delicious dish.


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      I agree with you, and we must all admit that Lebanese food is one of the best in the region.


  3. Barak’s avatar

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I hope that the only “war” that will exist between the 2 nations will
    be on who makes a better hummus (:



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