Giveaway – Tony Buzan's Book on Mind Maps

I hate for books to sit around unused, makes me feel guilty that they are not fulfilling their ultimate purpose. I got this book as a present from one of my colleagues who is really into mind maps, and decided to get me a book of my own instead of lending me his. And since I was too lazy to exchange it at Virgin, and naively thought I would read it, it has now been proudly perched on a shelf for over two years.

Tony Buzan, is said to have groundbreaking techniques that will expand you consciousness, but his techniques did not work for me, because my mind does not work that way, simply. But,  maybe you’ll get more out of it. As I said, the book is almost completely new, besides a small crease in the corner of the front cover, which is inevitable for paperbacks.

For a chance to get this book just leave a comment on this post. There’s only one condition, the pickup of the book needs to b either in Beirut or Tripoli (well I’ll go as far as somewhere in Lebanon).

So try out your luck, if you don’t like it, you might also pass it on to a friend.

Read full book review here.

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  1. Serpico’s avatar

    Meditation is a simple technique that can expand your consciousness.


  2. Web Design Lebanon’s avatar

    The giveaway for comments is nice :) I prefer to listen to books these days.


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Actually i just want to find someone who needs this book. I have a thing about books not being loved ( its a long self loathing process). None of my friends are interested, so I wanted to give it a good home… So if you know anyone who wants it, tell me :)


  3. Jo’s avatar

    I actually went into this training & they gave me a degree. Didn’t gave me the book though.
    Its a good technique, the map should get you somewhere or not, only if it fits your objective.
    it’s actually how to use it. And btw, thats the oldest trick in advertising ;)


  4. Mireille’s avatar

    me me me me wants :D

    i am a bookoholic :P and i promise i will read , give you a review and then give it away on my blog :

    like this your book will be read more than once :P
    how about that

    pick me pick me pick me pick meeee me me meeeeeeeee


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Mireille! The book is your my dear! I’ll give it to you once we meet re- the Fun(d)Raising event!

      Now I’m off to celebrate!


  5. Liliane’s avatar

    Hmmm I like the idea of giving away things!!!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Very environmentally friendly too :)



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