#BeirutTweetup & Pecha Kucha Night!

I am developing a particular liking to the fact that not a week passes by, when there isn’t one or two twitter related events. Twiendships are formed on the basis of like-mindedness, and geographical coexistnce allows for the next step! I hope to see one day the extend twiendship goes as being a support system, but so far we’re having a great time, aren’t we?

Well this time we met over at Cafe Younes.



Then a small fraction of us went on to Pecha Kucha.


This is LaraZ taking her picture of the day! [that is how magic is born]


And let me tell you something, well you already know that, but I’m gonna say it anyhow – Maya in the comics is really Maya!  I do not know how she does her magic, she has tremendous introspection to convey every bit of her, including her mimics ( yes really the body language of Maya the cartoon is Maya’s), onto her character. It startled me a lot this time around… it really startled me and I developed a new found fascination! So she’s really a communication artist!


Well anyway, here’s Maya’s take on all of this:)


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  1. Liliane’s avatar

    BeirutSpring looks so young in these photos!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      He is young! We were just talking about it at the tweet-up he looks fantastic for his age!


  2. Moustafa’s avatar

    I can recognize tweeps from just their little profile pic! Lol that’s groovy


  3. Patrick Semaan’s avatar

    Looks like a great fun! I defenitely agree with you about hoping to see one day the extend twiendship goes as being a support system.


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      I definitely belive that meaningful relationships can results out of twitter… I know of a couple that met at a Twestival ;)



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