Kazouza 1941 Mystery Uncovered!

 I praise the internet Gods for this  age that we live in! An age  in which one can extend a call-out to anyone and be answered. Remember I sent out an inquiry to Cedar’s Premium regarding their Kazouza drink? … Well graciously, Mr. Joseph Najm , the AGM Cedar’s Premium SAL, has been very helpful in giving me full disclosure & replying to my nosy questions throughout a series of emails. And not only is the Kazouza mystery uncovered,  but I have also been able to get a sneak preview of his company’s plans for the future and the overall brand philosophy.

 Turns out the are 3 more elusive flavors, which we haven’t stumbled upon yet, totaling to a magical octagon: orange, lemon ice, pink lemonade, watermelon, strawberry melon, grenadine lime, tamarind and berry mix. And Mr. Najm says that the drink can be found in many supermarkets and minimarkets, however it will be a while before it will be distributed to all shops. So you’d better watch out, and inform me of locations of sightings :)

 As we all were guessing, the product’s mission is to take us back in time with a twist, “ Kazouza 1941 is the nostalgic, yet renewed,  Lebanese product/brand with varied and innovative flavors and a unique bottle shape differentiating it from available products in the market. It was decided to name the brand Kazouza 1941 to be true to our positioning of an authentic Lebanese product.” But what we did not know was the source of the magic numbers 1941, but be clueless no longer as Joseph explains, “1941 was the year “Kazouza” product was launched under the “Najem” brand; it was the first bottled soft drink in Lebanon, as the Sprite or 7Up lemon lime today.  And Cedar’s Premium is a new company owned by the descendants of Najem in 1941.”

 And with an eye on the future and a proud smirk on his face ( I can only presume that this is what was taking place behind his laptop’s screen), Joseph leaves us expecting more by adding, “Cedar’s Premium will launch in the near future other typical Lebanese products/brands such as but not limited to Jalloul which will have a different target segment and packaging.”


I think it is a beautiful story of rebirth of a family business, especially that I am a sucker for all nostalgic products. And I would once again like to thank Mr. Joseph Najm, for the attention he has given me, by taking his time away from strategic planning and marketing to satisfy a blogger’s curiosity.


P.S. I know I have been a bad blogger lately, as I am being drawn back to my work routine and the tasks are building up.
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  1. Rami’s avatar

    Cool! Thanks for the info Darine.
    I’m sure many will be happy to see Jalloul again in the market!


  2. Jo’s avatar

    Darine :)

    Very nice article! i love it.

    Guess who is the agency working on this project? ;)


  3. Cynthia’s avatar

    Please can you provide me with the Contact of MR Joseph Najm. I am very interested in the brand.
    Thank you


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Cynthia, Glad it spurred your interest! I’ll email you the details!


  4. philippe’s avatar

    great investigation! Thanks for the info. I still miss the old, dark-orange glass bottles of Crush. Have you ever heard anything about them?


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Hi Philippe, Thanks :) Yeah i know which ones you mean! They were so beautiful! I still see some of these around Tripoli vendors sometimes!


  5. fred’s avatar

    hey Jo

    So who is the agency working on communicating this brand?


  6. Irfaan Harris’s avatar

    Just found the berry and the Lime pomegranate in a small store in Riyadh Saudi arabia.
    GREAT drink, love the flavours – there were more but next time!


  7. rabih’s avatar

    now you can find it in riyadh on the small store & mini markets …. it’s covered about 70% of riyadh so if you are looking for it you can check on the main street & many roads,
    for more information do not hestiate to contact us or send us an Email & we will be so glade to serve you … (kazouoza1941@gmail.com).


  8. mazen kanawaty’s avatar

    pleas send to us the sales man to miny market abo mazen bierut -rue jallul tell-70524507 email msn :m.t.kanawaty@hotmail.com


  9. safwan’s avatar

    pleas can you send to me the contact by mail if you interested the syrian market


  10. Cargadores Para Laptop Mexicali’s avatar

    I simply want to say that i found this website extremely usefull, the idea helped all of us completely understand the subject at hand strongly. I’d really like to learn how easily you create articles for a blogging site.


  11. Amanda’s avatar

    Can you please send me the distributor’s or the headquarter’s number ? We’re very interested in shipping some Kazouza to France.


  12. adnan’s avatar

    der sir

    i ned haw can i be in tach with your company for besnes



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