If the trees disappear, humans will too. AFDC Social Awareness Ad


AFDC Forest Fires Awareness Campaign

The Association for Forest Development & Conservation (AFDC) has aparently launched a new media awareness campaign aimed at reducing Forest Fires across Lebanon.

I like the fact that the girl is the photo is very natural and has green eyes, but I do not understand the Mona Lisa smile.

[Image published in 24:30 Magazine]

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  1. Jo’s avatar

    yup, we did this!
    she’s not smiling, she’s just standing still


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Thank you for the tip Jo. You should visit more often:)


  2. Candelaria’s avatar

    Appreciation to my father who shared with me on the topic of this blog, this website is actually amazing.

    been (Candelaria)



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