Why you need to get a Gravatar today?

I’m a naturally curious being, and I like to know what my readers know and who they are. And part of that is learning how they represent themselves in the www. And, I have noticed that several of my commentators do not have Gravatars, which needs to be addressed!

What is a Gravatar? Globally Recognized Avatar, that will represent you throughout the web, as it is associated with your e-mail. This interactive video explains it all!

You do not to be a blogger or an active Social Media Addict to be visible and identifiable. Remember, a Gravatar is a part of your personal brand.

Let me see what you look like – Get your Gravatar!

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  1. Serpico’s avatar

    So what does a green couch mean?


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      You were not hugged enough when you were a child? ( that’s the reason shrinks give when they don’t know what to say) :)


  2. Zahid Lilani’s avatar

    I was thinking about writing a similar article because lately I have been working with people setting up their wordpress blogs and when I show them how to comment, they ask me how did my pic show up?

    I tell them about gravatar and they look at me like I am a geek, LOL :)

    Everyone needs to have an account on gravatar, its just cool :)


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Some people just don’t like to read instructions I guess :)



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