Brazilian Carnival in Down Town Beirut – Sponsored by Cafe Najjar

When the show was supposed to start at 7
8:30 same spot, more people, no show


The first float



The second float



Only in Lebanon


Brazilian crowd cheering


Though we had to wait for around 2 hours for the Brazilian Carnival to finally start; the 15 minutes it lasted was well worth it. But more than so it was great to meet some tweeps in real life.

More info from Star Scene, TomeOut Beirut & @funkyozzi.

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  1. Liliane’s avatar

    hey you got some good pics :) (glad there was no exposure tho lol)


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Well I promised didn’t I? Unfortnately a lot of the good shots were spoiled because of someone’s hand shaking ;)


  2. Walid’s avatar

    hehheheh my hand wasnt shaking, it was bcoz of the crowd


  3. khaled’s avatar

    wleh shu hal sowar
    and jeet 3al brasil la men wara dahri tro7o te7daro carnivals w esas
    wlok akh akh menkon bas

    ana honeh ba3ed ma 7diret wala carnival :(


  4. Serpico’s avatar

    Very nice! But what the hell are those guys doing on the statue of martyrs?!


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      Being typically Lebanese while desacrating our pride! Besides they had the best view of the event:)


  5. Jesse’s avatar

    i just came back from the same carnival in Batroun, we also had to wait for a really long time, but the problem was that there were so much people, it was annoying…
    oh, and i wasn’t able to take pictures as nice as yours hehe


    1. Darine Sabbagh’s avatar

      There was a swarm of people as well, but thanks to Liliane we were able to reserve a nice spot on the hill near the statue of martyrs and then we pushed through to get some photos :)

      You should also see @toniyammine ‘s photos on facebook, they were made on a pro camera and were amazing !



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