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We kept receiving these one week prior to Ramdan and all of last week. So I have selected the most interesting ideas and/or ones that really plugged into the corporate identity… here we go…




NBK card is the most appealing to me becuase they have incorporated the camel from their logo into the card putting it to live. Aramex’s idea to offer an imsakiya ( which you can choose depending on your region) is also a great way to show empathy and improve corporate persona perception.


Only three weeks to go till the EID greeting cards start pumping in:)


Have you received any interesting cards?

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Hirelebanese Job Fair

Hirelebanese Job Fair

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Now aren’t these folks ingenius with picking their dates? Don’t they know that 999 like 666 is considered bad luck?
Anyways I think it is interesting that they have decided to run a competition in order to promote the opening date. Click on the picture at the end of the post to be part of the fun!
RTA Promotion for Dubai Metro Header

RTA Promotion for Dubai Metro Header


History is all about what happened in the past. Making history is what happens in the present. Be a part of it by participating in the biggest draw of the century with your chance to win a ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ to be one of the first to ride on the Dubai Metro on 09.09.09.

Answer the question of the day to double your chances of winning. 



click here for a chance to win the golden ticket

click here for a chance to win the golden ticket


See also:  Twestival Dubai Auctions off Golden Ticket

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I got this quaint flyer in my inbox today. And the words “first eco-friendly nursery’ struck a cord with me. Just a couple of days ago I was saying in my interview how surprised we were the eco-trend was catching on so fast in Lebanon. First the eco-totes in Supermarkets ( which without the necessary education are still considered as spacey bags, but this is another subject), then the banks, and somewhere in the middle our company’s motto…

And there you have it another addition to the eco-minded businesses.


 From their website:

Some of our eco-healthy services include:
• We use different natural air refreshers throughout the day depending on the activity. Lemon in the morning for energizing the students, lavender at nap time and much more.
• We use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products. Ecocover all-purpose cleaner for tables, toys, floors, toilet, & sinks
• We do not have carpets for allergy-inducing reasons.
• We use non-toxic art material.
• We do not believe in Microwaves.
• We recycle paper/card board and also glass, plastics and metal. The containers are provided for us from the recycling department of Sukleen.
• We only serve healthy food (high fiber is our magic health word). We have some organic food at least once or twice per week. .
• We have a No shoe –policy (no shoes are allowed in the classrooms where children sleep and play) but are allowed in the playground. 
• We have AC’s and air purifiers for breathing clean air throughout the day.
• Only clean mineral water used for drinking and cooking.
• Appropriate music chosen for different activities and we will also be inviting volunteers to play an instrument for the children while playing (guitar, flute, recorder etc.) .
• Stainless steel pots and pans for cooking (no plastic polymers (Tefal) and no aluminum)
• 10 minutes Yoga for kids every morning
 If you read through, sure some of the things do link to an eco-friendly policy, but others ( such as the 10 mins of Yoga), do more with child health and other issues rather than the eco aspect of it. And no mentioning of environmental awareness lessons for the kids.

Still feels good to know that companies in Lebanon realize the impact of being greener on their reputation. And the added value is ( i hope) the kids will learn by example.

Take a closer look at the website


P.S. Why not invest in better photography? Image is the better part of PR isn’t it?

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I intend to make these vacancy ads which I receive into my inbox an integral part of my blog.  And that is because I know first hand that a good lead to a job can be found anywhere. Good Luck all Job seekers.

Jobs in Lebanon

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Paradoxical Testimonies of Peoples’ assumptions regarding my cooking skills ( said to my face)

RH: ” I do not imagine her being that type… You probably just prepare everything and she just turns on the flame and puts it on the stove”
KI: “I’m sure you’re the cook in the house, not her, now can you tell me some simple dishes I can make as I am going to start  living alone”
My Brother: ” When she lived with us she only did salads and baked potato and the occasional omlette”
GS – Co-worker: ” Are you going to invite me to Iftar?…. So the menu will be Salad, soup and escalope?…. No I do not think you can cook anything else…”
My Aunt & Dad: ” Are you eating well? Where do you get food from? You cook by yourself?”

  Compliments ( Mainly from significant other, but trust me when criticizing he is completely unbiased)

‘SO’: “She can only cook but she also creates things from scratch.”

 {more to come as juicy things come along}

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Recently, I have had some incidents which attested that ALL the people in my life with exception of  ‘the one’ ( and maybe my mom too) firmly believe that I can not cook ( only because they have never witnessed it not because they have seen any ultimate failure). And even my best friend, who on many occasions said that I am good at everything I attempt, does not hide the fact that she does not believe I am capable of any culinary achievements.

Well, something needed to be done to counteract this paradox, even more so as I have been thinking of re-starting blogging for a while now, and maybe this event will give me the extra nudge.

But  this is not to say that this will be a cook blog. ( NO WAY)

This blog will be about all the flavors of life around me and the things that interest me, which you will find more about if you keep visiting.

Things are quite raw around here for now, but it will grow and prosper. If you have any suggestions give me buzz…